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2007 Sourdough Rendezvous Air Show

Whitehorse, Yukon

A Guide to Whitehorse, Yukon

    Air shows are common today in communities of all sizes all over the world. Not many communities have air shows quite like Whitehorse, in Canada's Yukon Territory, though. The show this past weekend (February 17 & 18) was the 36th annual winter air show, part of the Sourdough Rendezvous, a boistrous celebration of being a Northerner, and of the nearing end of another winter.

    In mid-February winter can still hit hard, and the air this year had a bit of a nip in it, with temperatures in the mid minus-20s (Celsius), and wind chills well into the 30s. But nothing keeps Yukoners away from airplanes on display - although the number of aircraft was down a lot, visitor attendance was good and spirits high. The people who have the most fun, even in this weather, though, seem to be the air crews. The Sourdough Rendezvous Air Show is famous for being a good time, and the people who get to attend have no trouble getting an audience for their stories back home.

    The photos below will give you an idea of what the air show is like - see the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Web site for information about the entire Rendezvous schedule. For many more photos of aircraft at work, play and rest in the Yukon and Alaska, see this page.

Click on each photo to greatly enlarge it.

A CT-114 Tutor and a CF-18 Hornet Peering through the fence before opening, with one of the Snowbirds aerobatic team CT-114 Tutors, and a CF-18 Hornet.
A CT-156 Harvard II trainer A CT-156 Harvard II trainer, with a busy snowplow in the distance.

CT-155 Hawks Aircrews from 419 Fighter Training Squadron from Cold Lake, Alberta, talk with visitors about their CT-155 Hawks.
 CF-18 Hornet Pointing out some of the details of a CF-18 Hornet

A family air show The show really is a family affair - bundle up the kids and get out for some very fresh air
Standing under the wing of a C-130 Hercules didn't really offer any shelter from the breeze

The interiors of the 3 Hercs on display were kept very warm, providing a pleasant place to talk to the aircrews
Not many air shows have a de-icing demonstration! This is one of Jazz's scheduled flights leaving for Vancouver.

The CF-18 provides quite a contrast to our common view of one of Air North's 737s
The CC-115 Buffalo started to taxi out for a flying demonstration, then turned around and parked again, probably due to icing.

The snowplows kept busy all weekend
Any winter event in the Yukon is part fashion show - this gorgeous wolf jacket and mukluks are high-end Yukon gear

This CT-138 Twin Otter came over from Yellowknife, where it serves with 440 Transport & Rescue Squadron
The main flying demonstration was an aerial dance performed by a very nimble CH-146 Griffon from 408 Squadron