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Veterans and Alaska Highway Memorial

Taylor, BC

Northern Highways - Alaska, the Yukon & northern British Columbia

The History of the Alaska Highway (Alcan)

Alaska Highway Graves & Memorials

    The 341st Engineers of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were stationed on the Taylor Flats in 1942 during the construction of the Alaska Highway, and during the very early stages of the construction of the 2,275-foot-long Peace River Suspension Bridge, which opened on September 3, 1943.

    As the District's millennium project in 2000, a memorial garden and cenotaph were dedicated as a veterans memorial generally, and to the 341st Engineers specifically. It is located on Cherry Avenue just west of Km 58.4 of the Alaska Highway, in front of the Taylor Community Hall (GPS 56.1596691, -120.6921325 - see map).

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In December 2004

By September 2015, the memorial garden had matured beautifully.

The obelisk has had wrought iron framing and decorations added to it since it was erected.

The text on the north side of the cenotaph reads:

Dedicated to those
who have fallen
in service of our country
both in conflicts and
in peacekeeping operations
and to those
who continue to serve
regardless of threat
or jeopardy.

Remember them
all you who pass this way
they gave their tomorrow
that we could have today.

The text on the south side of the cenotaph reads:

With special commemoration
to the dedication and sacrifices
made by the
341st Engineers
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
stationed at Taylor
during the construction of the
Alaska - Canada Highway in 1942