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Images of Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska, Photo Album
This bronze sculpture honouring Juneau's mining past was created by Juneau artist Ed Way, and was erected on the waterfront in 1981, the 100th anniversary of the city's founding. It shows hard rock gold miners working underground using a jack drill. The dedication panel says in part: "Dedicated to the men whose work provided the lifeblood of Juneau during the first six decades. In the late 1800s compressed machine drills replaced hand drills as principal tools of hard rock miners. This development allowed them to handle great quantities of ore at an acceptable low cost. The Alaska-Juneau Mine, which opened in 1897, ceased operating in 1944, bringing an end to an era. The total output of the Juneau goldbelt was over seven million ounces of gold."

This photograph is © 2014 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Juneau, Alaska