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An Explorer's Guide to Ross River, Yukon

Population (June 2012): 367

Located north of the Campbell Highway beween Watson Lake and Carmacks.

Ross River Profile
A comprehensive look at the community, from history to economy.

Ross River
An excellent introduction to the area, by Dr. Norman E. Kagan. One of the Community History Project series.

Ross River
A captioned photo album of the area, focusing on recreational opportunities.

Historic Images of Ross River
From the Yukon Archives collection.

Robert Campbell Highway
Photos and information by Sue Thomas, based on several trips, most recently in 2015.

The Wildfire Season
Chosen as "Best Book of the Year" for 2005 by three major Canadian newspapers, this third novel by award-winning Canadian author Andrew Pyper is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, laced with a hint of Native American mysticism. It is also a study in character, set in the beautiful but unforgiving landscape around Ross River. The subtle thriller develops a sense of dread more from the menace of uncontrollable forest fires and lurking grizzlies than the human predator who remains anonymous until the end.
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