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Photos of Silver City (Kluane), Yukon

An Explorer's Guide to Silver City (Kluane), Yukon
On the ridge above the site is a memorial which reads:

These Four Crosses Mark The Graves Of Those Listed Below
Josephus Lamb: 1867 - July 28, 1911
Charles L. Haydon, Son: Aug. 29, 1921 - Jan. 18, 1942
Horace J. Haydon, Father: 1868 - Sept. 15, 1948
Annie Haydon, Mother: June 23, 1885 - Oct. 13, 1950 Courtesy of the Brian Williams Memorial Fund and Sidrock, 1996

When we visited the site on July 26, 2015, we were unable to find any crosses.

This photograph is © 2015 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Memorial stone at Silver City (Kluane), Yukon