Your Camera’s Auto White Balance

How many of you have a camera with an Auto White Balance (AWB) setting that you never use? I don’t use mine as much as I could/should, but I’d like to take a minute to show you what it can do. I was shooting an old newspaper under tungsten lights this morning, and the “Tungsten Light, 3200K” setting gave the best colour (but still not good enough). Forgetting that I’d changed the AWB, I took this first shot of the driveway – yikes!!

I then re-set the AWB to “Shade, 7000K” and this was the result:

So, if you’ve never experimented with it, pull out the manual have a look at what it can do.

The reason for taking the photo(s) was that, despite the way it looks at the moment (and it’s -7°C), I’m hoping that this will be the first motorcycle-riding day of the year.


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  1. Murray:

    Most of my photos are just snapshots so I just let the camera do “it’s thing”, as mostly it is just for the blog anyway. For more serious stuff I use my dSLR, or my NEX 5n and I use premier to adjust the colour and light levels. Sometimes I even do a bit of sharpening when I print enlargments on my wide carriage printer.

    I am sure you realize that the true colour of snow is with a blueish tint due to the reflection of the sky, the same as icebergs. The purest water is in Crater Lake, the deepest lake probably in NA and it looks blue.

    I think the first BLUEer photo is more dramatic, than the duller, low contrast 2nd colour corrected one. Perhaps it just needs a minor contrast adjustment.

    Don’t listen to me, I know nothing . . . I have a photo essay “on deck”

    Riding the Wet Coast