Wings to Alaska – Pan American, 1946

Here’s the video I mentioned last night. It was shot for Pan Americn World Airways, probably in 1946, as it features a DC-3, and in 1947 they had added DC-4s to the Alaska run. The entire film is 25 minutes long – I bought the original 16mm film on eBay back in about 2005.


Wings to Alaska – Pan American, 1946 — 2 Comments

  1. What a lovely old aircraft! And a great buy for you, Murray.

    I only ever flew in one once, from Seletar in Singapore to Pakanbaru in Sumatera. I had the feeling I could walk faster. The DC3 is one of the safest aircraft ever built, if not the safest.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Thanks, Roger. I flew occasionally in DC-3s when Air North had them. The biggest issue they had was with the gear (and the gear lights). Since the DC-3s were sold off, replaced with 737s, people seem to have forgotten the term commonly used for the airline in those days – “Scare North”. 🙂