Will Sarah Palin Be Welcomed Back to Alaska?

When Palin loses her race for US Vice-President in a few days, will she be welcomed home? A few weeks ago it looked like she would be – a lot of folks back home were pretty pleased by all the attention the state was getting. To say that the tide has turned is putting it mildly. While the Fairbanks News-Miner says that 61-63% of Alaskans still like Palin, the number of anti-Palin Alaskans is growing and very vocal – many Alaskans seem to have had about enough of the ethics complaints and of their governor and state being mocked by national and international media. The anti-Palin Anchorage Daily News has certainly turned up the heat in recent days. This morning on the ADN Web site (links now dead), you can read:

  • “A new complaint accuses Gov. Sarah Palin of breaking state ethics rules by charging the state for her kids’ airline tickets to various events. (full article)
  • Palin’s Anchorage office director and hometown friend, Kris Perry, has been with Palin for almost a month “at the expense of Alaska residents — probably at a cost of more than $1,000 every day.”

Reading the articles, blogs and comments linked from those 2 articles could keep you busy for most of a day (sorry, the stories etc are now gone).

While writing this, I heard on the radio that Palin won’t be coming home right away after the election, preferring to work on national issues. Getting ready for 2012, avoiding all the ethics investigations or just waiting until things cool down? Given what’s gone on to this point, you can be sure that she’ll continue collecting her $10,417 monthly salary as governor (and that Perry will stay with her).

Yes, Palin’s a class act all right…

Canada My Ass, It's Alaska's Gas!

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