Whitehorse to Kelowna and Calgary

I’m now on Day 5 of a trip to see family members in southern British Columbia and Alberta. I haven’t taken very many photos (185 so far, 70 of them in a single car museum 🙂 ) but I’ll show you some of the places I’ve been.

This was the view out my window at 05:30 on Thursday – not a bad day to be leaving Whitehorse.

Snowy Whitehorse

It’s less than 15 minutes to YXY, and crowds are seldom a problem at the airport.

YXY terminal

As home airline, Air North gets the single air ramp, while we boarded the Jazz (now Air Canada Express) CL-600 out on the tarmac.

Air Canada Express CL-600

Two hours to Vancouver, and a 2-hour wait for the next flight, 50 minutes to Kelowna on a Dash 8.

Jazz Dash 8

Over the lower Fraser Valley, which I barely recognize much of now after 22 years away.

Aerial view of the lower Fraser Valley

I picked up a rental car from Budget at the Kelowna airport, then spent a night with my parents. I arrived on my 61st birthday, and my sister and her husband came over to help us celebrate with a Dairy Queen cake – yuuuuum!

On Friday morning I headed east. The first stop was at Revelstoke for lunch with my oldest brother. There’s just never enough time on these trips 🙁 Then through the main spine of Rocky Mountains, where I hit snow (as expected). The ambulance and police cars leaving Golden hinted strongly that someone behind me hadn’t navigated it successfully.

Highway 1 through the Rockies

It was a 10-hour trip to see my son and his wife. This is their view – they’re just outside a small farming town a couple of hours north of Calgary.

Alberta ranching country

At noon Saturday I headed south again, passing the huge gas plant at Joffre. I was with my daughter and twin granddaughters just after 2:00.

Joffre gas plant, Alberta

Sunday was our Explore Calgary day. The Gasoline Alley Museum was a must-see, of course.

Gasoline Alley Museum

The museum has an excellent collection, including some exceptionally rare vehicles such as this 1909 McIntyre Model M, believed to be the only restored example in existence.

1909 McIntyre Model M

It’s too bad that most of Heritage Park was closed – after the museum and lunch, we drove downtown.

Calgary Heritage Park

We don’t see many Ferraris in Whitehorse!

Ferrari in Calgary

Along Memorial Drive we found this impressive display. There are 2,700 crosses along the road, each bearing a soldier’s name, age, rank, who they served with and the date they died. All of these men and women were from Alberta and all died in active duty.

Crosses along Memorial Drive in Calgary

A donation of $100,000 from businessman Murray McCann funded this project, and volunteers install the crosses. This is the 3rd year it’s been done – the first year there were 600 crosses, then 1,600 in 2010.

Crosses along Memorial Drive in Calgary

From there we walked across a footbridge to Prince’s Island Park and spent most of the rest of the afternoon there.

Prince's Island Park, Calgary

What could be more fun than rolling your sister down a big hill?!? 🙂

Prince's Island Park, Calgary

We were all surprised to see thick ice on some of the water.

Prince's Island Park, Calgary

I wanted to see Calgary’s “Occupy” protest, so we drove to Olympic Plaza. It was built for medal presentations during the 1988 Winter Olympics, and is now a popular site for many public events.

Olympic Plaza, Calgary

It’s a fairly small protest compared to what’s happening in some cities.

“The system” is obviously working very well for many people in Alberta (as it is for me), which could be why it’s so quiet.

Calgary has become a very attractive city over the past 30 or so in particular – we saw an ad for a condo overlooking Prince’s Island Park for just over $4 million. Even the sewer covers are attractive 🙂

This is what we woke up to this morning! We dropped the girls off at school and came back home. Once the morning traffic rush is over, I’m going to do some more exploring around town.


Whitehorse to Kelowna and Calgary — 3 Comments

  1. Well, now you have Calgary on my list of places to go!!

    I had no idea the “Occupy” protests were going on in Canada also.

  2. I remember how disappointed I was the last time I visited Whitehorse (in 2009) and the Dairy Queen had closed down. The DQs here in Fairbanks have been closed for years. Glad you got your DQ fix.