Flights from Whitehorse to Europe

Dreaming about a Danube River cruise, I was looking at possible flights to Europe this year. There are 4 main possibilities, but all are either awkward or expensive. For the first week of June:

  • Condor: Whitehorse to Frankfurt and back, direct both ways – $921 per person, but only flies on Wednesdays.
  • Edelweiss Airlines: Whitehorse to Zurich and back, direct both ways – $1338 per person, but only flies on Mondays.
  • Air North to Calgary, connecting to KLM to Frankfurt with a stop at Amsterdam – $1570 per person
  • Air Canada: Whitehorse to Frankfurt, with a connection at Calgary each way – $1928 per person

For people who can fly mid-week, the direct flights offer tremendous value. For the rest of us – ka-ching!$!

Once in Europe, getting around on discount airlines such as EasyJet and Air Berlin is both cheap and easy. Unless you fly into London – the discount airlines use small airports that are difficult and expensive to get to from LHR.


Flights from Whitehorse to Europe — 2 Comments

  1. The Air Canada connection is ridiculous, but the rest don’t seem too bad. Especially the KLM one. Its $1400 roughly for the same flight from Calgary without the connection. The Condor one is a wicked deal I would think. And what is difficult with flying out mid-week? Time off work? You’d have to come back mid-week then anyway, and could work a thurs-fri you wouldn’t otherwise….?
    Also a lot of flights don’t go to LHR anymore. I’ve been back to London 3 times in the last 5 years and never once been to Heathrow…but Heathrow has a tube connection now, and Gatwick/Stansted/Luton all have express trains out of Liverpool or Victoria. So it isn’t too bad really to get from one to the other. It’s also a good excuse for a stopover 🙂