Whitehorse 1965

One more post about history then I have to get back to work! From the collection I got yesterday I’ve taken a piece from an article in the Yukon News Magazine of September 1965. It describes what’s along the Alaska Highway from Marsh Lake to Whitehorse. It’s different but perhaps not dramatically so from what’s there today.

Alaska Highway, Marsh Lake to Whitehorse, September 1965

Did you notice the Traffic Circle noted at Mile 917.4? The aerial photo below shows it in about 1965. It was taken by Jimmy Quong, a highway engineer who has finally started to be recognized for his photograph collection, both for its quality and its subjects. The Alaska Highway runs horizontally across this photo, with what’s now called Two Mile Hill leading to downtown Whitehorse off the bottom of the photo, and the Valleyview subdivision at the upper left looking much as it does today.

Alaska Highway traffic circle at Whitehorse, Yukon in 1965


Whitehorse 1965 — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting to note the size of the traffic circle, not like the dinky things they are building today.
    I wonder how long before our “City Fathers/Mothers” decide another one is in order at the top of 2 mile.

  2. Thanks for the picture of the circle on top of (the old) Two Mile Hill. As people griped about the two current round-a-bouts, I would mention that there used to be one at the top of Two Mile Hill – and they wouldn’t believe me! I am trying to remember when it was taken out – any ideas?