Weighty Decisions, Guy Style: Garage Planning

In 5 weeks I’m moving to a house that has double the useable square footage, and the same-size double garage without the huge mezzanine storage I have now. Looking around my garage tonight, one of 3 conditions must be true:

  • #1 – I have too much stuff
  • #2 – my garage is too small
  • #3 – I’m not storing my stuff correctly to maximize the useable space

Now every guy knows that #1 is just silly – there is no such thing as having too much stuff! Economics largely rules #2 so it’s often non-negotiable. That leaves #3 – I’m just not storing/racking/shelving my stuff properly. The photo below may give you an idea of what’s involved in solving #3, though.

Wow, where does a guy start?? All my regular readers know the answer to that question for this guy – I go to a garage storage Web site.

Planning my new garage before the moving truck backs up to it is going to save me an enormous amount of work. I know the basics – a sturdy full-length work bench with pegboards above it and a bunch of shelves and cabinets and room for my tool chest.

The details will take some time to figure out, but knowing what’s available is a big part of the process. I hope to show you my new garage just before Christmas!

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