Watching Winter Come Down the Mountains

It’s always great to get home after a long trip. As much as I enjoyed all the places Dad and I visited, I can’t really imagine a place other than the Yukon being my home. Sometimes I need to take a drive to re-confirm that last statement, so yesterday, Monty and I went to Skagway.

We were away from the house early – the first photo was shot a few miles down the South Klondike Highway at 8:34.
Fall along the South Klondike Highway
Along Tutshi Lake, with the temperature still sitting at +2°C (35.6°F).
Fall along the South Klondike Highway
The Skagway airport.
Skagway airport
After a crazy-busy cruise ship season, it always feels odd to see the Railroad Dock so quiet.
Railroad Dock at Skagway
Picking up my mail, I was deeply saddened to see this notice on the post office bulletin board. Boyd and I had many pleasant chats over the years – about motorcycles, photography and just about the amazing world we live in. He was a fine gentleman, and I’m really going to miss him.
No longer in the mood to enjoy Skagway or the drive, we were headed home a few minutes after 11:00. This is the only photo I took on the way – with the high country now frozen, most waterfalls have quit flowing, and even the large ones are just a trickle.

As soon as I post this, I’m heading to the airport to fly to Vancouver. There, I’m picking up a car belonging to a friend who just moved to Whitehorse, and driving it up for her. The weather forecast is for rain almost all the way, but I’m hoping for good Fall colours at least.


Watching Winter Come Down the Mountains — 2 Comments

  1. Your first photo is stunning, I love it. Is it early for the high country to be frozen? I suppose your Autumn is not a long drawn out season, but suddenly slips from late Summer to early Winter. Having been away, that must have been quite a shock to read about your friend’s death on the notice board. I am very sorry about that. Safe travelling on your drive up from Vancouver.

    Best Regards,
    Marie G.

  2. Hi Murray, nice to see you back to Yukon pictures. The blog of your trip was interesting but nothing compared to what you write and the pictures you post of the area where you live………..