USAF Spy Plane in Whitehorse

This USAF Open Skies OC-135B Observation Aircraft was in Whitehorse on February 17, 2011. A chance phone call to my wife alerted me to its presence, and I spent over an hour filming the activity around it, much of it seeming to be dealing with the air temperature of -35°C at the time. As you go down through the photos and videos you’ll see a lot of smoke, particularly as each engine fires up.

Lots of information about this unique aircraft can be found at the USAF web site.


USAF Spy Plane in Whitehorse — 3 Comments

  1. Would this be the USAF’s version of a ‘smokescreen’ ? 🙂 T-in-c)

    It’s a beautiful looking aircraft and the photos are terrific.