Tour Yukon – A Poor Web Site Gets Worse

The Yukon’s tourism Web site ( has never been very good, but the latest version is appallingly bad. Try to find some information there in the way a visitor would – for example, accommodations along the road from Whitehorse to Dawson – and you’ll come up empty. But then the site says that it takes 13 hours, 38 minutes to make the trip (see this page), so even if it did tell you where to stay, would you trust the information? I had to pull out my Milepost to figure out the directions on that page. It tells you to take a ferry at Stewart Crossing – that ferry was replaced by a bridge in the 1950s! To head off in a different direction (because you feel that Dawson isn’t worth a 14-hour drive), you might somehow find what claims to be a driving guide to the “Southern Lakes Circuit.” On that guide, neither Carcross nor Tagish (2 of the 3 main communities on the route) are mentioned in the Highlights section, but it suggests that “Carcross Cutoff” is worth a 3-6 hour stay – it’s a highway intersection, with no services except a car wrecking yard!! Why am I as a taxpayer paying for something like this when any high school class could do a better job as a class project? I’m leaving this mess before my blood pressure goes any higher 🙁

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