Things that Work – Headlight Polishing

I’ve been back on land for 8 days now, and am, of course, up to my neck in projects of all kinds. One of my pet peeves is paying good money for what turns out to be junk – just yesterday I returned a junk shoe rack ($40, on sale for $20) to Canadian Tire and a junk iPod dock ($140, on sale for $80) to The Source. I like sales, but I do try to buy the best of whatever it is I’m shopping for, in an often-unsuccessful attempt to avoid the “junk” issue.

Some things that look like possible “gimmicks” do work, though. The acrylic headlights on my Outback were trashed – too many miles on roads with dust, gravel and ice crystals hitting them had left them dull and no doubt with a reduced light quality hitting the road. When I got the front-end bodywork done on the car this Spring I asked about getting the headlights replaced but the price was $660 (!!!) so that didn’t happen. The shop said that they “might” be able to polish them up but didn’t for some reason. I keep seeing ads on The Speed Channel for Meguiars Headlight Restoration Kit but couldn’t find anything locally when I looked a few months ago. I finally found a similar product by 3M and over the weekend put it to work. It actually works! About 45 minutes work saved me over $600 – that’s the sort of ROI I really like to see.

The photos below show the “before” and “after” of the project.


Things that Work – Headlight Polishing — 4 Comments

  1. This morning I had a hot water tank installed by For Hire Plumbing. Our agreement was for them to install a high-quality GSW unit with a 9-year warranty. When I went down to look at the job after they left, I found a much cheaper GSW with a 6-year warranty. When I phoned, the reply was that they didn’t have a 9-year in stock!! (but they would adjust the price accordingly) Geeeeez!! I should make them pull the damn thing out. That’s what we get for not sticking with the plumber that has given us good service for years (Fred’s).

  2. The 3M product was probably made here or in the US.While the other items you had to return were made off shore! I wonder if the plumbing place would have told you about the tank if you had not phoned.Maybe they would switch tanks when they get the better one in. Good luck.