The Trip to Telegraph Creek BC

Time does fly this time of year! It’s way over a week since I said I’d tell you more about my trip in to Telegraph Creek, BC, and the Glenora Guest Ranch. A few weeks ago, Ben Smith emailed from the UK, looking to set up some interesting things for Scottish comedian Billy Connolly to do when he comes through the Yukon in September on a major northern-Canada travelogue that’s being filmed. Ben is the assistant producer for the Whitehorse-and-south section of the film, and my trip was escorting him and film director Barnaby Coughlin to Glenora to see the country and meet my aunt, Nancy Ball. If you’ve not heard of Billy Connolly, check him out on YouTube – he is hilarious.

The result of the trip is that Billy will be spending a day at the ranch after leaving the Whitehorse area (I’ll also be taking him hiking while he’s here).

These photos, picked from over 400 that I shot, will hopefully give you an idea of what the attraction is (click on each to greatly enlarge it). Billy’s travelogues always feature unique places, events and people, and a trip to Telegraph Creek provides all three.

The approach to the ranch house makes it clear that this is a return to a simpler life – though it will be clear soon enough that simpler does not mean less work!
A couple of the log cabins for guests. With wood stoves, thick comforters and amazing views, they’re very comfortable.
Horses were a vital part of the operation when this was a big-game hunting ranch – now, they have a very easy life 🙂

Ben and Barnaby head out for a tour of the ranch, looking for good filming locations. The bare part of the ridge just above the building was the eventual destination.

Looking over the ranch, down the Stikine River valley. The guys took note of the fact that Nancy never goes very far from the ranch house without a rifle.

Our work done in 2 half-days, we headed back up the Stikine to the landing at Glenora to get our vehicles for the long drive back to Whitehorse.

Looking back towards Glenora.

Looking down the Stikine River.

Climbing up to the small cemetery at 9 Mile (it’s about 9 miles from Telegraph Creek, but is now Km 97.6 on the road) affords a beautiful view of the Stikine River valley. Some of the grave markers and fences at this cemetery are quite unique.

The Tahltan River, from the lava cliff opposite the one where the photo above was shot. This panorama was made by stitching 2 photos together

There are some sections that have an amazing number of tight curves – GPS gives a look at the route as only an aircraft could until recently.

The drive up Highway 37, always beautiful, was uneventful except for a fuel tanker crash that closed the highway. Although the delay meant that I was able to get some wonderful sunset photos, I didn’t arrive home until 1:00 am.


The Trip to Telegraph Creek BC — 4 Comments

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  3. Thanks for the pics. I’m travelling to Tel Creek for business in 3 weeks, and I’m really, really looking forward to the drive.

  4. Began visiting the ranch around forty years ago. Flew in from Wrangell with family of seven at one time. Hunted the area from the ranch on three occasions. Took my ‘mobile’
    dental clinic to the ranch and with my son as assistant took care of the family and some friends.

    Have long since given up killing things unless for food purposes.

    Plan to return.

    No TV, no quick stops, no newspapers, no autos, nothing but peace, natural beauty, wonderful personalities and the opportunity to totally lose yourself to yourself.

    God made this place for contentment.

    Nancy is his special instrument.