The Sanctuary

The move is complete. Well, most of it is – I still have a lot of books and files to bring down from the cabin, and it’ll take a few weeks to get everything organized once it does all arrive. Despite the chaos, and the challenges of moving just before Christmas in temperatures of around -30° C, though, Cathy was calling our new home her sanctuary within days of spending our first night here. It’s peaceful, it’s private, and it just feels good. The big plans we had to start renovations right away have faded – somehow the things we planned don’t seem so important right now. The photo below – the view from our bedroom – may give you an idea why.

Last night the moon, though nowhere near full, was brilliant, and the hot tub provided a superb place to soak it in. No jets, no lights, just hot water in beautiful surroundings with my soulmate. A sanctuary indeed 🙂

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