The Disney Wonder arrives at Skagway, Alaska

The cruise ship Disney Wonder made her maiden call at Skagway today. She’s the first Disney ship ever to sail on an Alaska itinerary, and many people in the industry have high hopes that with her comes a new niche cruising market, as Disney has many fans who will sail anywhere that Disney goes. The hope is that once the Disney fans see what Alaska has to offer, they will spread their wings to see more of the state, and that would mean either doing a land vacation or moving to a different cruise line which has more options.

Skagway unfortunately didn’t put on her best welcoming face this morning. When I took the screenshot above from the WP&YR webcam page, it was 42 degrees with a light rain falling – brrrr! The day isn’t forecast to get a whole lot better, either. I had planned on going down to see her but instead I’m sick, and will be going back to bed in a few minutes.

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