The Best Halibut & Chips

I love halibut, and the season to get good fish and chips is rapidly drawing to a close. We tried 5 places this year, and here’s the summary:

  • first, the worst – Maggie Mae’s at the Carcross Corner. This was so bad that it’s tough to describe. For 10 bucks each Cathy and I got 2 tiny pieces of very heavily-battered halibut and a few mediocre fries. We left hungry, but another halibut-nugget was $9!
  • we didn’t even order at the High Country Inn in Whitehorse a couple of days ago because it was $22.25!! No fish and chips is that good.

  • Phyllis’s Cafe and Salmon Bake in Anchorage is always very good, but this year wasn’t anything to write home about. They were very busy, though, so I’ll be back next year – the location in a tent on 4th Avenue is fun.

  • The Skagway Fish Company (in Skagway, of course) used to be our number 1 choice, but this year they’ve fallen to second place due to much smaller pieces of halibut for $15.00. The view, the superb people-watching location and the availability of Alaskan Amber, though, still make it a fairly regular stop for me. They close about October 1st this year.

  • and the winner of our 2008 Haibut Mini-Cookoff iiiiiiis (drum roll, please…) Klondike Rib & Salmon in downtown Whitehorse. Huge pieces of fish, as you can see in the photo below, beautifully cooked and with excellent fries, for $16.00. Add a frosted pint of Yukon Gold for a wonderful meal.

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