A sunny dog-play day at Dyea, Alaska

When we’re due for a big dog play-day and something a bit different, its hard to beat Dyea, so on April 28th we drove down for the day.

We made a brief stop at Emerald Lake at 10:15 to get a photo as part of my records of when the ice goes off the lake.

Frozen Emerald Lake, Yukon><br />
Just south of Log Cabin, I stopped to get another photo – this is the first good view of the peaks surrounding the White Pass.<br />
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Another stop for something resulted in a few photos of this little waterfall along the highway. The frozen teardrops at the bottom were wonderful.

Partly-frozen waterfall in the White Pass
I’ve taken a lot of photos of Summit Lake and the Sawtooth Range from this location over the years.

Summit Lake and the Sawtooth Range on the South Klondike Highway
This valley, shot from the same location, has always intrigued me, but access is quite difficult and I haven’t made an attempt yet. Last year, my friend Greg and I did accomplish the canoe-and-hike into the next valley to the north, though.

An intriguing valley in the White Pass
A couple of people in a hiking group I belong to have asked whether the International Falls trail is hikeable yet, so I stopped to take some photos of it. No, it’ll be Winter there for a few weeks yet.

International Falls trail in late winter
We stopped in Skagway for lunch at the new Skagway Brewing Company building – looks like a gold mine to me 🙂 (and the halibut was excellent as always). Then we made a loop around town to see what’s new this year. The Skagway-Haines fast-cat was out doing some training or testing.

The Skagway-Haines fast-cat
We reached Dyea (“finally!”, said Bella and Tucker, no doubt 🙂 ) just after 1:00. Time to run. These pilings are from the extremely long (almost 2 miles, if I remember correctly) wharf built in 1898.

Wharf pilings at Dyea, Alaska
The breeze was a bit chilly but it still looked like a great day to run quads on the beach.

ATVs on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
While the other pilings are usually visible, these ones are only seen at very low tides.

Wharf pilings at Dyea, Alaska
Bella was calmly exploring, but then saw Tucker crouching to spring at her.

My shelty/husky Bella on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
These two are such fun to watch.

Dogs playing on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
What a guy!

My little dog Tucker playing on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
They played and they played and they played…

Dogs playing on the beach at Dyea, Alaska

Dogs playing on the beach at Dyea, Alaska

Rest time…

Dogs on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
Nope, more play! 🙂

Dogs playing on the beach at Dyea, Alaska
We stayed on the beach for a couple of hours, then started for home, but made a stop at the Taiya River for a few minutes.

Taiya River Bridge at Dyea, Alaska
A final shot of the Taiya River and we continued towards home, with pooped pups ready for a big nap on the way 🙂

Taiya River at Dyea, Alaska

We got home at about 6:30 – as always, it had been a wonderful way to spend a day.

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