Sucked in by the Weather Office Again?

I don’t really know why I keep reading weather forecasts. Maybe it’s like buying lottery tickets – you know, “hey, it could happen!!”. Here’s The Weather Network’s 14-day forecast for Whitehorse right now, showing the temperatures shooting up from today’s high of -21°C to +1 by Friday and +5 in a week. Right now (at 4:50am) it’s -28 in Whitehorse, -30 here in Mary Lake, so even minus single-digits looks pretty good. Yesterday’s 14-day forecast was even more radical, showing temps of up to +7. We’ll see….

I haven’t posted in a while due to holidays, work and sickness, all of which I’m buried in. It feels like 2/3 of the Yukon is sick right now – I just have a bad cold that I can’t shake, but there seems to be a lot of flu as well. Another few days and things will hopefully be back to normal on all counts.

We’ve now fully booked a 24-day Florida/Caribbean trip for November (I’ll tell you about that in the near future). It replaces a Mediterranean-and-Transatlantic-cruise trip that just got too expensive so was put on the shelf until the above-mentioned lottery ticket finds its way into my pocket. The new trip finishes with 5 days on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, though, allowing us lots of free time to to explore southern Florida, and perhaps to meet at least one of the people from that area who follow this blog 🙂

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