Strong Aurora Borealis Alert

Mother Nature is sending us a gift tonight – a major show of the aurora borealis. It seems like a very long time since this has happened. It will last for about 48 hours, so tonight and tomorrow night should both be good times to have your camera and tripod handy, and good viewing locations in mind. It will be visible as far south as Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Unlike the last couple of opportunities, we even have a perfect weather forecast for viewing! See the UAF Geophysical Institute Web page for regular aurora forecasts.


Strong Aurora Borealis Alert — 4 Comments

  1. I just learned a couple of my friends will be touring Alaska and Vancouver later this month via cruise ship..2 of them have been before, 1 is her first trip. She is very excited about this 11 day trip.

  2. We’re having extremely good weather right now, so it should be a particularly memorable trip for them. Have them wave when they get to Skagway! 🙂

  3. Despite a very good forecast and getting up in the middle of the night several times, we saw nada 🙁