A starry night along the South Klondike Highway

As I start writing this at 04:30, I’m up on the Haines Highway just north of the summit. I stopped here on my way north after 2 days and nights in Haines. As expected, it snowed overnight – there’s 2-3 inches, so it should be beautiful when dawn arrives in an hour or so.

Before I tell you about Haines, I want to tell you about an aurora hunt a week ago – on Friday, April 12. It didn’t produce any aurora photos, but I shot a few photos of the amazing sky full of stars above some notable sites along the South Klondike Highway. Because stars don’t show up well in the fairly small photos in the blog, each of the 7 photos that follow can be greatly enlarged in a new window by clicking on them.

I was hoping, judging from the aurora forecasts, for the last good aurora show of the season. I decided to start at the historic Robinson Roadhouse, where I arrived a few minutes before 11:30 pm. The main roadhouse building has a fence around it during some renovation work so isn’t any good for photos, but some of the outbuildings looked great in the light of a half moon.

The historic Robinson Roadhouse at night
The old and the new – the 11:30 Air North flight descends into Whitehorse. Historic sites have a very different feel to them at night – perhaps the spirits of some of the people who lived at these places still visit.

The historic Robinson Roadhouse at night
Very pleased with the photos I got at the roadhouse, I continued on to the Carcross Desert. The snow-capped peaks sure stood out in the moonlight. There was a chilly breeze, but the temperature was very nice – about -7°C.

The Carcross Desert in moonlight

The Carcross Desert in moonlight

I probably have hundreds of photos shot at the Bove Island viewpoint in all seasons, including many aurora photos.

The Bove Island viewpoint in moonlight
The historic Venus silver mine mill was as far as I went to the south. It was now 01:00 and my hopes for an aurora show were fading.

The Yukon's historic Venus silver mine mill in moonlight
On the way home, I stopped at Carcross, mostly to kill time in case the aurora showed. I thought about walking down the beach away from the community’s street lights (what waste of resources those are), but the breeze made me decide not to.

The beach at Lake Bennett in moonlight

By 03:00 I was home in bed, dreaming about the next adventure starting on Monday – 8 days at Haines and Kluane Lake. 🙂


A starry night along the South Klondike Highway — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Murray, that made me pan across all the photos and enlarge them. Could not help but try and see if I recognized any of the constellations over your head. Really like using the free star gazer app they have now for cell phones ( point at sky and it tells you what you are looking at). Cheers

  2. I spent almost two weeks in Homer AK area this past fall, our nightly routine was quiet dark time on the deck facing the long view across the bay and ocean to the Alaskan range… stunning sunsets and incredible star shows…it was splendid…perfect endings to long enjoyable days. Good margaritas also made for some memorable conversations.