Sourdough Rendezvous Morning

Even with the snow falling heavily, I figured that there would be some interesting action at the airport, rationalizing that flying in crap like this would be good training for military crews. So, with the snow 6-6½ inches deep on my driveway (measured with a ruler), I pulled Subie out of the garage and the dogs and I headed into town just after sunrise at 08:25.

Below, the airport was rather quiet. This view from the 20-foot high pile of snow that we used as a viewing platform yesterday wasn’t nearly as interesting.

I went downtown to see what else was going on. The snow sculpters were about the only action yet. Below, a member of the team from Skagway, Alaska works, with a clay model of their relaxing trapper on scaffolding in front of him.

Below, this is the Lumistit team from Finland.

Below, back up to the airport for another try, but only a fleet of snow-clearing equipment was moving, though on my scanner I heard a medivac plane being cleared to take off to the north as I was coming up the hill to the airport.

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