Sorting Through the Memories

Back home – it feels so good! Particularly because Winter appears to be over (sorry about your luck, TamaraLyn!). Although it’s -25 at the moment, it’s a gorgeous day. My cold is worse, but our MIA suitcase is already sitting at the airport waiting to be picked up, so I’m heading out into the sunshine shortly anyway.

I brought back 2 or 3 pounds of paper of various types as part of the journey documentation, and that’s now rough-sorted onto the dining room table. I’m looking forward to starting the detailed photo-journal (today?), because that’s when the real re-living of it happens for me.

Huge thanks to Laura, Steve and Rachel for taking such good care of our home and family. We truly couldn’t make a trip like that if we still had to “warehouse” our fur-kids. And thanks to all of you who commented, made suggestions and asked questions during the trip – the blog has been great fun as part of the whole experience.

The photo below was taken just after we started our descent into Whitehorse – around Atlin, I suppose. Although we’re going to miss the white sand beaches, yes, we did miss this too.

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