Sleepless in Calgary

I hardly slept at all last night. I’ve been awake since 02:00, and at about 03:30, I decided to drive into Calgary to do some night photography.

I took the quiet way into the city rather than the freeway – didn’t see a single car for about 20 minutes, until I was well into Calgary. To answer the question you’re thinking about asking, I was at a dead stop when I took this hand-held time exposure 🙂
Night driving on a back road north of Calgary, Alberta
I really like Olympic Plaza, so that was the first place I went, and it offered lots of photo subjects.
Olympic Plaza at Calgary, Alberta
Each of those tall pipes has either a date range (ie “1950-1959”) or a city park name on it. At the top is part of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”), the Olympic motto.
Calgary Tower, Alberta
Originally named the Husky Tower when it opened in 1968, the Calgary Tower is 191 meters tall (626 feet) tall. At 1228 metres above sea level, it’s home to “the highest 360-degree observation deck in the world”. It’s funny what you can do with statistics – in this case by adding the elevation of the land the tower sits on to the height of the structure itself!
Calgary Tower, Alberta
I invited myself for morning tea with Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards at the Women are Persons! Monument (a.k.a the Famous Five Monument).
Women are Persons! Monument (a.k.a the Famous Five Monument) at Calgary, Alberta
The Dominion Bank building dates to 1911, and is on the Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP). Dominion joined with the Bank of Toronto to form the Toronto-Dominion Bank in 1955.
Dominion Bank building - Calgary, Alberta, at night
Trains run regularly all night through downtown.
Calgary, Alberta
The lights of downtown reflected in the waters of the Bow River, source of much of the city’s piped water. This was shot at 05:16.
Calgary, Alberta, at night
St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church is an impressive structure.
St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Calgary, Alberta
Downtown from the lovely park called Prince’s Island.
Prince's Island - Calgary, Alberta
The first rays of sunrise start to light up the towers at 05:50.
Calgary, Alberta
Still killing time, I drove to the car dealership that I bought my car from, and put it back in the lineup where I first saw it. Yes, I am easy to amuse, but we don’t have car lots like that in the Yukon!
Used cars at Jack Carter Cadillac - Calgary, Alberta

I then went for a good breakfast, and now am ready to get the family day underway 🙂

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