Skagway 1949

The 4-minute video posted below is from a 16mm film shot in 1949 by a woman on an Alaska trip. The 55-minute reel I have is probaby the second of three films covering her cruise from Seattle or Vancouver to Skagway, week-long trip down the Yukon River to Dawson City by sternwheeler, and back to Seattle or Vancouver.

Back a few years ago when I found the film on eBay I did some crude scans and posted an article on my RailsNorth Web site. Richard Lawrence did the scan of this film for me, as well as a 25-minute long promotional film shot ca. 1946 for Pan American World Airways called “Wings to Alaska”.


Skagway 1949 — 3 Comments

  1. 1949 was one hell of year for us 61 year olds. Good quality film for it’s time but I would have liked to see the inscriptions and other writing. Are the gravestones still there as they were in the film ??

  2. The gravestones appear to be the same now as they were then (unlike the cemetery at Dyea). The main part of the Pioneer Cemetery has been “cleaned up”, with pathways built to get the cruise-ship tour crowds through without doing too much damage. It’s sound that I really wish were present.