Saying Goodbye to my Kiwi Family

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been posting reports from the tour I’ve been driver/guide for, a trip from Whitehorse, Yukon to Seward, Alaska for Maher Tours of New Zealand. After leaving them at their cruise ship in Seward, I always do one more thing with my Maher groups – I take my huskies to Skagway to meet them when they arrive on their ship. Today was that day.

I’ve got a pile of papers to go through, but Molly thought that I should be paying attention to her instead this morning – she really misses me when I go away on a trip!

The weather was fairly decent until we reached Fraser, then it quickly shut down. This photo was shot as we neared the William Moore Bridge at 9:24 Alaska time.

I should have handed my camera to Cathy while the dogs and I were surrounded by people, both from my group and other cruisers, at the Railroad Dock. I didn’t though, so although lots of photos were taken, I don’t have any.

After spending 3/4 of an hour or so there, we went for a wander around Skagway. The WP&YR steam locomotive #73 is always photo-worthy! She was picking up people from the ultra-luxury ship Silver Shadow at this point.

WP&YR steam locomotive #73

The diesels were picking up people from both the Rhapsody of the Seas and the Celebrity Millennium at the Railroad Dock.

WP&YR locomotives and the Rhapsody of the Seas

We had an extra close look at the Millennium, as we have a row of balcony cabins already booked on her for June 1 next year, for us and a group of friends from Ontario. She’s going into drydock for a major refit next Spring and we’ll be on one of the first cruises on the “new” Millennium 🙂

Someone’s cruise ended in Skagway – he/she was picked up from one of the ships and was being medivaced out 🙁

Heading back home, we ran into #73 again, working a lot harder.

The fur-kids love Skagway days, especially when they get to meet as many people as they did today. Cathy was the one who was pooped out, but Monty will snuggle up whenever the chance arises!

When I dropped the group off in Skagway, Jo had read a poem that she wrote about our trip, and she’s just forwarded it to me:

To Murray, With Our Thanks
From the Kiwis

There was a Canadian from Whitehorse
Who Maher rates as the finest, of course!
For ten whole days we had not a worry
As we toured Canada and Alaska with Murray
He guided us well to each destination
Where stunning scenery filled us with elation
We learnt many things about the Northwest
As Murray spoke on subjects that only he knew best
From Iditarods to gold days on the Klondike
He shared his experiences, he found things we’d all like
Your lunch stops each day were so well selected
On your knowledge and insights we later reflected
Thanks to you, we’ve been informed and inspired
We’ll make certain Maher keeps you permanently hired!
We’ve enjoyed your company and hearing your views
We only wish that you come on our cruise!
So much of your country has filled us with wonder
And remember Murray, you’re always welcome Downunder.

In case you wonder why I keep doing these tours… 🙂

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