Return Flight from Calgary to Whitehorse

I flew back from Calgary on Thursday afternoon. I love travelling, but here’s never enough time in my life right now – not enough time for visits, not enough time at home. That’s going to change in about 6 weeks, though.

A final look out my daughter’s front window before having her drop me off in downtown Calgary on her way to work.

Airdrie, Alberta

Bye, Max – what a great cat he is!

Max the cat

Picking up my new passport was a very quick process, then I had an hour or so to explore before heading to the airport. Calgary Fire Hall No. 1, built in 1911, now houses a Budget car rental agency.

Historic Calgary Fire Hall No. 1

Olympic Plaza was built in 1988 for the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary as the site of the medal presentation ceremonies and now hosts many special events & festivals throughout the year. There are plenty of tables and chairs, and it’s a popular place for people working downtown to sit and enjoy their lunches.

Calgary Olympic Plaza

Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards, two of “The Famous Five“, a group of Canadian women who in 1927 asked the Supreme Court of Canada to answer the question of whether or not women were “persons” with the associated rights stated in the 1867 British North America Act.

Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards, of The Famous Five

Nellie McClung is shown holding up the news that women are now “persons”, while Irene Parlby looks on.

Nellie McClung and Irene Parlby

Stephen Avenue Walk, located in the historic downtown, is an exciting area of top restaurants and unique shops.

Stephen Avenue Walk, Calgary

This new Aston Martin was parked along Stephen Avenue Walk, with a price sticker of $343,000 in the window. Now that’s arriving in style!

Aston Martin in Calgary

Getting from downtown to the airport is simple and cheap. From the Calgary Tower or several hotels to the airport on the 300 BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) route that started last year costs $2.75 and there’s lots of room for luggage.

Calgary BRT service

Good-bye Calgary – at 2:10 local, we were in the air headed north. I’d planned my arrival at the airport to allow for a leisurely lunch after checking in but the service at Kelsey’s was so bad that it turned out to be stressful rather than relaxing.

Aerial view of Calgary

The flight from Whitehorse to Calgary is direct, but on the northbound flight, there’s a stop in Edmonton. This was shot on the final descent into Edmonton. The bluish crop is flax.

Aerial view of Alberta farms

Somewhere over the northern Rocky Mountains.

Aerial view of the northern Rocky Mountains

Aerial view of the northern Rocky Mountains

The Cassiar asbestos mine closed in 1992 and the entire town was auctioned off piece-by-piece late that year, but from 35,000 feet it still looks like a community.

Cassiar asbestos mine in northern BC

Over Tagish on the descent into Whitehorse at 4:35.

Aerial view of Tagish

An aerial view of Mary Lake, the “rural residential” subdivision that Cathy and I live in.

Our shadow tracking down the bank of Miles Canyon on the Yukon River. A few minutes later, after a very frustrating fight with the parking-payment machine, I was on the Alaska Highway headed home.

Jet shadow on the bank of Miles Canyon on the Yukon River


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