Ramesh Ferris and the Polio Awareness Trek

All of you in the Yukon surely know who Ramesh Ferris is, though you may not be watching his progress. For those of you Outside, Ramesh is a Whitehorse resident who is going across Canada (over 7,200 kilometres) by handcycle to raise funds and awareness about polio. I met him west of Kamloops a few weeks ago while I was driving between Calgary and Kelowna, and despite the fact that he was pounding up what looked to me to be a killer hill, talked very briefly with him (the photos below were shot then). I see on his Web site (CycletoWalk.com) that he took a day off in Brandon, Manitoba, yesterday, and is back on the road today. Ramesh is clearly committed to this project, and Yukoners should be proud to have him carrying our flag with him.

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