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Today was a funny day, a sign of something no doubt, but I’m not going to try to figure out what, just in case the answer depresses me ๐Ÿ™‚

At the edge of the Mary Lake subdivision where we live is an abandoned stock car track. A honest-to-gawd good-ole’-boy dirt-track just a half-mile from my house!! There are probably a lot of people in Whitehorse who have no idea that it exists, but we used to have a lot of fun out here. Today I headed for town to do some errands but got side-tracked and instead took a detour and took Subie for a run around the track.

Here’s what things looked like on that same curve in 1993!

The start/finish line on a particularly fine day in ’93 (the prints got wet in a rain many years ago).

The start/finish line today.

Okay, just one more lap and I’ll go….

Back in 1969 I bought a brand-new SS/rs Camaro – I spent a whole lot of money on it, had a whole lot of fun, and somehow survived despite myself. Not until last year did Chevy bring Camaro back to a design that I really want, but I’ve been good, staying away from Klondike Motors (where Lady Temptation lives). Until today. I was just driving by, minding my own business, when I caught a glimpse of it…

2010 Camaro

The ad below shows you what triggered the flashback that made Subie’s brakes come on and the steering wheel crank hard over so she was pointed back towards that Camaro. The 1969 Camaro Z11 Indy 500 Pace Car – 396 cubic inches of engine under the hood of “testosterone on wheels”.

Below is a photo of my ’69 after I’d made a fast car very fast (my best timing slip from Mission Raceway says 11.43 seconds in 1/4 mile – the 2010 pulls 13 flat). Maybe mine was too fast – the kid that bought it after I traded it in on a new Triumph Spitfire killed himself and crippled his girlfriend when he wrapped it around a pole. The print is quite faded and makes the car look almost white so I added an insert of the real colour of the car.

41 years has passed – it hardly seems possible, but there you have it. The 2010 Camaro is a very different car than the 1969 (better designed in every way from what I’ve seen), but the cost for a comparably outfitted car has risen from $4,100 to $45,000. I shouldn’t have sat in it – I knew that. I certainly shouldn’t have adjusted the seat and steering wheel to fit me perfectly! The practical side of this old guy now says “don’t be ridiculous!” – the other guy says “you could….” ๐Ÿ™‚

The video below shows how I spent countless nights. Bandit drags – we’d cordon off industrial or rural streets, set up portable drag-race starting lights (known as a “Christmas tree”) and hundreds of people would show up! Occasionally the cops would show up, but I had a switch under the dash that killed all lights on the back of the car including brake lights, and the rear of the car was painted flat black – that combination helped saved me a few tickets (but I still got lots)! I do love cars – and adrenalin rushes like I get just from watching this video….

Further research last night brought out the fact that GM has a Camaro convertible in the works, as well as a Z-28 (high-performance) model – the convertible was supposed to be in production now but the manfacturer of the folding top went out of business and GM has’t found a replacement yet.

2007 Camaro convertible


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  1. saw a simular car in Penticton, different color. Brings back memories. Didn’t know about the kid thou.

  2. It got painted orange after I sold it for some reason (so the cops wouldn’t recognize it? – LOL!) but didn’t survive a year before it and the 2 people in it were totalled.

  3. I liked riding in it except when I had to duck down so you could wave at girls you were trying to pick up.

  4. Those new Camaros catch my eye every time I see them. There’s quite a few around here. Awfully purdy..

  5. Sorry, Tracy – I promise I won’t do that when we go cruising in the new one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. We had a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 that had 440 HP, and that car would RUN!!!!! I do miss the muscle cars.

  7. Tracy, that’s exactly what my nephew used to do (he helped her down with a brotherly hand on her head) when his young sister was with him!

    That video is just like a movie clip. We have a drag track at Meremere, just south of Auckland. Yellow is my favourite car colour – I had a Toyota Starlet that colour.


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  9. My dream car is the Ford GT. That car is truly a muscle car with lots of horsepower!

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