One Day at a Time

I began getting emails and phone calls a couple of days ago asking if I was okay, as I’d dropped off the face of cyberspace, with no blog entries and emails unanswered. The comments on yesterday’s explanation of what’s going on (and the many phone call) are deeply appreciated – when things go wrong, having a support network is significant in righting things. My head is often so fuzzy that even mildly complex thinking (and related actions such as typing) is a challenge, but trying to get my life back to normal is extremely important. So if I sound stupid in some of the comments I make here or on the phone, it’s because I am, but temporarily 🙂 .

I see on the Whitehorse Star site that the snowfall on Saturday broke the all-time record, so it wasn’t just my imagination. Here’s what our driveway looked like as I was warming up the plow truck Sunday morning:

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