On May 2nd, Please Vote – and Believe

Tomorrow, May 2nd, is election day in Canada. If you have the right to vote, please think about it also as a duty to vote. Don’t complain about the way the country is being run, believe that your vote can make a difference.

When you think about your vote, please forget “strategic voting” – look at what that’s gotten us, both nationally and in the Yukon. Vote with your heart first – who do you believe in? Who do you think will represent you and work for you with no hidden agandas?

After a great deal of deliberation about those things, I’m voting for John Streicker and the Green Party tomorrow because I believe him and them.

Have you watched carefully what the candidates and their leaders have been doing? Not just since the campaigning began, but for the years leading up to this time. In my opinion, Larry used to work for Yukoners but even his Web sites say nothing about what he’s done since 2006 – his party leader is simply an opportunist who’s only Canadian in legal terms. Ryan and his party leader have both shown that they’ll take every possible chance to better themselves at others’ expenses. And despite having an admirable leader, Kevin has no background and clearly no interest in anything but Indian issues.

Whether you agree with me or not, please make your voice heard tomorrow.


On May 2nd, Please Vote – and Believe — 2 Comments

  1. I hope you are not feeling too ill to enjoy the unexpected bed-rest. You will be cheered by Elizabeth May’s win in Saanich-Gulf Is. I just watched a live interview with her and she was so thrilled to have DONE IT. Good on her.

  2. The election results were simply bizarre overall due to “strategic voting” instead of voting for quality people, but I’m very pleased to see that the residents of Saanich-Gulf Island didn’t do that so Elizabeth May now has a seat.