Oh Look, It’s Snowing – Isn’t It Pretty?

I’ve been quiet here for almost 2 weeks as I try to get back to reality after our trip to Europe. It has actually been snowing for almost 6 weeks here now, almost daily recently, so moving snow takes up a fair bit of time. The title of this post comes from a story I’ve received in my email many times, but can’t find online anywhere, about how pretty the first snows are, but not so much later in the season 🙂

The first step in dealing with the snow when we got home was to get our winter gear out of the storage racks in the barn. What a surprise to see that the squirrels have already eaten their way into one of the wardrobes and taken control of the best pair of boots for winter storage of mushrooms and pine nuts! To add injury to insult, the stash is insulated with beaver fur from the collar of a beaver jacket that was hanging in there. The boots aren’t bad near the top, but rather slimy and mouldy down at the bottom 🙁

Boots used for winter storage by squirrels

Now to get the plow mounted on the old truck. Both truck and plow have a lot of miles on them.

Snow Bear plow

The frame is getting quite out of line and mounting it gets tougher every year. This may be its last year of work without doing some major work on the frame, or buying a new one. It was invaluable when I lived in Carcross, and it’s paid for itself several times over in what I saved by not having to hire anyone to plow that fairly rugged kilometer of driveway.

Snow Bear plow

Once you get going, it moves a lot of snow with very little effort. Most people are surprised by how little snow we get in the Yukon in a normal year, and how incredibly light the snow is.

Plowing snow in the Yukon

Plowing snow in the Yukon

Once the main lines are done with the truck plow, the snowblower moves the snow in some of the berms, and some of the tighter areas, far way. That’s not a big deal early in the season, but by Spring can make a big difference.

Moving snow in the Yukon

Even with all the machinery, there are still some areas that need hand work – the stairs and deck…

Shoveling snow in the Yukon

… and the upper deck.

Shoveling snow in the Yukon

You might wonder where my huskies are through all this, since huskies love snow and would surely like to get involved in this process. My guys, not so much – this is what I went in the house to find after 3½ hours of work! zzzzzzzzz 🙂

Lazy huskies!


Oh Look, It’s Snowing – Isn’t It Pretty? — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t believe the amount of snow you already have. Isn’t Québec supposed to be the snow capital city of Canada. Living 30km north of Quebec City and we are still on the green…..hoping for white gold soon.
    Your dogs have a great life, mind you not even on the wooden floor but on the carpet of the floor.

  2. About the river cruise in Europe:was it worth it?Was it value for money?And what was the cost of the whole package?(exclude of course your airtickets).Thank you.

  3. I always find snow to be nice at the begining of winter, towards the end of March not so much!!!!!

  4. Miltos, the best way to describe the costs of the cruise is to explain what the comparable 2013 cruise cost is. Basically, it starts at $4,849 per person for the 13 days starting on October 3rd, 2013, with the current early-booking discount. We booked a Category 1 cabin, which brought the fare up to $13,000 for the two of us. The cruise includes almost everything, from beer and wine with lunch and dinner to almost all of the high-quality excursions. The only extra costs were other bar drinks, a couple of optional excursions, and gratuities for onboard staff and excursion guides. The total for the entire trip was close to $20,000 with the 5 days we spent in Basel and Amsterdam before and after the cruise. While we consider that we got good value, that is a bucket-list trip for us, not one that we can do again at that level. But, there are many ways to cut costs without hugely impacting the quality of the trip – lower cabin categories and lower-priced hotels before and after the cruise primarily.


  5. Love the pictures Murray, as always! So jealous that you have snow and I’d even be willing to shovel it at this point! Have shovel…will travel lol! The dogs certainly have the right idea. Don’t work too hard!

  6. Thank you Murray.Quite helpfull your answer.Pretty qood river cruise but expensive enough.You Know that this cruise is only be selling to U.S. and Canada citizens and not for us(Europeans),as I have been told by the sales department via an e-mail answer yesterday.Thanks again.Best regards!Miltos@Chios.