It’s Office-Work Time: Writing and RV Trip-Planning

Despite what you may think from the inactivity on the blog since I got home from Alberta with Cathy’s new Jeep (which she loves!), I’ve been very busy in the office, though trip planning for next summer is keeping my mind on the road as well. I also spent quite a few hours working on the Yukon election that was held on February 7th and resulted in a dramatic change in government for the territory. Although the candidate I worked for didn’t win in my riding, the party now has a strong majority.

What follows is a list of some of the projects I’ve been working on, researching and writing articles, and starting to plan for next summer’s major (ca. 8-week) RV trip, which will go as far as Vancouver Island.

A few days ago, I got invited to share “Unknown Tourism” with you – it honours some of the animals we’ve lost and are in danger of forgetting, using a set of 6 travel posters that were inspired by those created in the 1930s. Click on the poster below to read it.

Unknown Tourism: Alaska - Go Glacial with the Steller's Sea Cow
I’m back into cleaning up and clearing out my files, and among the pieces I came across were two slim volumes of poetry by Thomas Brooks, who spent 40-odd years in Carcross prior to his death in February 1964. My article on him begins: “Only fragments of the story of Thomas “Tommy” Brooks’ life have been found so far, and much of the information about him that has been published over the years has been found to be inaccurate.” Click on the cover image to read more, including all of his published work.

Thomas Brooks, Ballads of the Northwest
Triggered by receiving 2 bound volumes of The Coachways Thunderbird, “a magazine for and by employees of the Coachways System”, I’ve created a new section at ExploreNorth for bus and motorcoach stories going back, at this point, to the first buses running the Alaska Highway. Again, click on the screenshot below to go to that new section.

Bus & Motorcoach History: Yukon & Northern British Columbia
And finally, I’ve started organizing another 8-week RV trip to start the next season off. This will be almost entirely a BC trip, with Vancouver Island being the main destination. I have a lot of family on the Island, and am planning on 3-4 weeks there. I also, though, want to spend several days each in Tumbler Ridge and Bella Coola, and I’ll be exploring along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway for a week or so. The rest of the summer will be spent in the Yukon primarily, though Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and the Muncho/Summit Lakes section of the Alaska Highway in BC will probably get time as well.

2017 BC/Yukon RV Trip Map

Time to get this posted and get ready to go to Skagway for the first time in a long while!


It’s Office-Work Time: Writing and RV Trip-Planning — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t think any of your readers were ‘going to call you out on’ taking some time off for your own projects… but always nice to find new content. Thanks for posting up the bus links…I particularly enjoyed some of your end of season travels this fall as the RV’ing season closed down for winter.

    Do you see anyone braving the snow and cold in RVs or campers…locals, tourists? Not fun to drive, assume you must have snows or chains? but the photo and travel opps w a winterized unit would be fun if there was no pressure to travel when roads were bad.

  2. I’ve been surprised by how many motorhomes are and camper-trucks are still on the road. I don’t recall seeing this many before. I have chains for my rig, and the tires (19.5-inch) are rated for snow. They’re basically all-seasons, not M&S, but they’re the same as what we ran year-round on the MCI buses.