Now you can Subscribe to The ExploreNorth Blog

It was brought to my attention by a reader a few days ago that I don’t have an easy way to subscribe to this blog. I’m very flattered to have been asked this question, and have just added one that works on a system that I’m quite impressed by. With News@Me, your subscription will get you an email notification only when I post something related to the post that you subscribe on. A subscription box will appear at the bottom of every post – in the example below, if you subscribed on that post, you would only get posts related to Vancouver, BC, cruises and a handful of other tags. Since the Yukon, Alaska and BC are my most common subjects, and “RV” will be once it gets warm again, those are the tags that I’ll use on this post, for those of you wanting to keep up with my usual posts.

Note that if you just scroll down the main page of the blog ( or, you don’t see the subscription form – only if you’re on a specific post, ie. in this case.


Now you can Subscribe to The ExploreNorth Blog — 5 Comments

  1. Murray
    The cruise was very nice, and a good way to relax, BUT I am very very happy to be back in the land of snow, mountains and general beauty…..
    Looking forward to your reports as your land turns white, so lucky.

  2. As much as I loved the photos of Hawaii and your and Cathy’s adventures there (and the food photos, talk about delicious!), I am really loving your home travels so I can get my Yukon fix on a regular basis! I also want to thank you for introducing me to the artwork of Rebecca Barfoot, we have been in contact and one of her beautiful pieces she did of the Tombstone Range is en route to my front door!