Off on the Next Adventure – Whitehorse to Vancouver

Cathy and I left Whitehorse yesterday to begin a 4-day exploration of Vancouver followed by an Alaska cruise and land tour with 4 friends from Ontario.

We picked up our house-sitter just before 07:00 and a few minutes later were at the Whitehorse airport where check-in at the Air North counter was quick, simple and friendly as always. Once we had cleared security, it was a nice surprise to find free coffee and cookies in the departure lounge.

The Air North counter at YXY

We pulled away from the gate at 08:00 and a few minutes later were over the Yukon River – that’s Marsh Lake in the distance.

Yukon River and Marsh Lake

My little buddy Nanook is with me to see more of the world 🙂

Nanook flying to Vancouver

Vancouver airport was very quiet and we took a taxi to our hotel, the Westin Bayshore. We checked in but knew that we were much too early actually get a room, so just checked our luggage and went to start exploring the city. This is the lobby of the beautiful hotel.

Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

There is a wonderful walking path along the waterfront. Vancouver is an extremely walkable city, compact and pedestrian-friendly. The very active floatplane base is in Coal Harbour, close to the Bayshore.

Coal Harbour float plane base.

I was pleased to see that an impressive memorial to the Komagata Maru tragedy is under construction. I agree that acknowledging disgraceful events from our collective past will help prevent such things from ever happening again.

Komagata Maru memorial in Vancouver

A ho-ho bus tour is a great way to get an overall feel for a city, and we caught a Big Bus at Canada Place. The skies were threatening but only a few drops of rain fell during the day, so we were able to be in the open part of the bus (where the good photography is!).

Big Bus ho-ho tour in Vancouver, BC

I’ve always been a huge fan of the architecture in Vancouver, and I think that it gets bolder and better all the time.

Bold architecture in Vancouver

It’s nice to see some buildings paying homage to details of past architecture. I could spend days (weeks?) doing nothing but photographing buildings in Vancouver.

architecture in Vancouver

An original street facade is going to be incorporated into the new building going up on this site.

There is some wonderful public art. I can’t find the details at the moment, but I believe this was supposed to be a temporary installation but people love it so it’s now permanent.

Rooftop gardens are common in Vancouver but trees this large aren’t!

Stanley Park – aaaah, the green, the wonderful Spring smells!

Stanley Park

Back to architecture – the old building is St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church.

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church, Vancouver

I was surprised and pleased to see a community garden on Davie Street – this is very valuable property to be gardening on 🙂

community garden on Davie Street in Vancouver

Crossing the famous Art Deco Burrard Street Bridge.

Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver

A closer look at the Granville Island Market is definitely on the list.

Granville Island Market

The Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch is certainly one of the architectural gems in the city.

Vancouver Public Library's Central Branch

We got off the bus back at Canada Place, and had a look at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This is the impressive view from the lounge.

Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver

Canada Place is a very popular place with locals as well as visitors.

Canada Place, Vancouver

By 4:30 when this photo was shot, floatplane traffic was getting quite heavy as people returned from a day in Victoria in particular.

Float plane landing in Vancouver

The cruise ship Coral Princess was getting ready to depart for another voyage to Whittier, Alaska. This is the ship that I worked on for 3 weeks as naturalist in 2010.

Coral Princess docked in Vancouver

While a freighter departs for who-knows-where, the ultra-luxury cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator gets some major work done in the shipyards of North Vancouver.

ultra-luxury cruise ship Seven Seas Navigator

Getting ready to sail. It sounded like the sailaway party was well under way on the Lido Deck.

Coral Princess docked in Vancouver

The windows behind the lifeboat allow light into “Obstructed Oceanview” cabins, but not much of a view. The Verandah cabins above give you the view at a much higher cost – a cruise for almost any budget.

Coral Princess docked in Vancouver

The last mooring line just didn’t want to come off, so a knife was eventually brought out to free the ship!

Coral Princess docked in Vancouver

Away she goes – Bon Voyage!

Coral Princess sails from Vancouver

Coral Princess sails from Vancouver

More buildings 🙂

Great buildings in Vancouver

This gutter down the center of stairs along the waterfront trail appear to be designed make skateboarding down them impossible – even the railings have blocks to make it impossible 🙂

A skateboard-unfriendly gutter in Vancouver

The plaque on this donated bench says “Harry & Madeline Lyon – Waterfront Property… At Last – Love From Marci Bernie & Stu”

Waterfront Property... At Last

Another of the many floatplanes arrives.

Float plane lands in Vancouver

Very cool public art!

Waterfront cabin in Vancouver

The rowing club was very active. This was shot from the French balcony our our room on the 9th floor of the Westin Bayshore. The hotel had called my cell phone while we were on the bus tour to tell me that our room was ready.

As we were about to go down for dinner, Cathy spotted an otter swimming across the pool! I wasn’t fast enough to catch that but did get him climbing out.

An otter climbs out of the hotel swimming pool

A dinner cruise boat heads out.

Dinner cruise boat in Vancouver

A final look from our room before going bed after a Most Excellent Day in this exciting city.

View from the 9th floor of the Westin Bayshore


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  1. Welcome to Vancouver. It’s nice to see the city through tourist’s eyes. I should go downtown more often…

  2. Guess we were in Vancouver area at the same time. Stayed at the Bayshore for a week a few years ago. Remembering the sights and the rain