Mt. McKinley view, Huskies & Musk Oxen

Yesterday we made the drive from Denali Park to Anchorage, with a few stops. As we were in Broad Pass, the clouds started to clear from Denali (Mt. McKinley). I stopped so my friends could get some insurance shots in case it closed in again as it usually does, but when we got to the Alaska Veterans Memorial she had cleared completely. What a treat – only about 15% of visitors get to see her like this!

Mt. McKinley from the Alaska Veterans Memorial

You can never get too much Denali on a day like that, so I stopped again at the main viewing area, which has a panel identifying all the mountains seen.

Denali (Mt. McKinley) view

We had lunch at Mary Carey’s wonderful little lodge, which looks right onto Denali, then continued on to the Iditarod interpretive center.

Nanook with Joe Redington

Our last stop was at a musk ox farm. The tour there starts inside one of the last of the early Matanuska Colony barns.

Matanuska Colony barn

The farm has 15 calves this year – they are so cute!

Musk ox calves

The older ones aren’t cute, but they are amazing animals.

Musk ox

Looking across the musk ox farm fields to a new house. The good life in Palmer, Alaska!

We reached Anchorage just before 5:00pm, and checked into the Historic Anchorage Hotel, one of my perennial favourites on this route.

Today we have another gorgeous day to tour Anchorage, including tide, float plane and Native culture stops.


Mt. McKinley view, Huskies & Musk Oxen — 5 Comments

  1. Great pictures once again Murray !
    Love the one of the house in Palmer with the mountains of snow in the background.
    Are they solar panels on the roof of that house ?

  2. This is really a valuable blog. As you are aware! There is so much you offer and so much to learn here!

    I am also recommending this blog to friends who are in drought stricken places. It’s a nice relief for them.

  3. Thanks, Martha – whenever I think about complaining about this awful cold, wet “summer” we’re having, I think about what many others are suffering through and this suddenly looks pretty good.