Moving on – Trading the Carcross Cabin for a Motorhome

(The cabin sold in March 2013, but I’m leaving this post as there are some interesting conversations attached to it)

Cathy and I are determined to get a motorhome this Spring, and as part of that decision, I’ve dropped the asking price of our lakefront cabin by $30,000 as of this morning. It’s for sale by owner, listed at The intro I wrote sums it up: “Only rarely does a property that combines all the best aspects of a Yukon lifestyle become available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for a recreational cabin or a spot for your dream home, have a look at this Carcross property.”

The 2-bedroom cabin sits on a half-acre of land overlooking Lake Bennett, at the edge of Carcross. The asking price is now $219,000 and we are open to offers. See my Carcross cabin Web site (that site was deleted after the sale) for details and lots of photos. For more information, pop me a note or give me a call at 867-…-…. in Whitehorse.

Lakeshore cabin for sale by owner
Yukon lakeshore cabin for sale by owner


Moving on – Trading the Carcross Cabin for a Motorhome — 11 Comments

  1. I assume from your comments that the price you are asking is a good price. I would have never guess that real estate in that area was that expensive. That really surprised me. Good luck on your endeavor to sell you cabin and buy a motor home.

  2. Property prices have exploded in the Yukon generally in the past ten years while prices in much of the rest of North America headed for the toilet. Have a look at the listings at Million-dollar homes started appearing in Whitehorse about 3 years ago for the first time, and those aren’t great sprawling mansions. A nice new home on a city lot runs half a mil now – crazy. And rental prices are similar – lots of luck getting even an apartment or basement suite for under a grand a month

  3. That is kind of amazing. I don’t want this to come across wrong but what is the attraction to the area? Why are people willing to spend that kind of money there? I know the scenery is great and it would be a great place to spend part of the year. Is it rich people buying summer homes? I would absolutely love living there for part of the year but I don’t know about those winters you have. 🙂 I guess it would be hard to judge until you’ve actually experienced it.

  4. No offense taken, Neal. It’s a lifestyle choice. The 7 years I lived at the cabin full-time were some of the calmest of my life (as well as the lowest-cost) – until I met Cathy, I said I’d never leave. The cabin will probably sell to someone in Whitehorse as a getaway, but it could be someone from Outside – many years ago a German hounded me to buy it (offered more than I’m asking now, but it wasn’t for sale at any price). It could also go commercial – it would be great property to build a B&B for the mountain bikers that come to Carcross from all over the world. The next cabin south of me (up Lake Bennett) is 26 miles away, the next one that anyone lives in full-time is 67 miles (in Skagway) – it’s hard to find wilderness access like that anymore.

  5. Mr. Lundberg:
    Interesting the trend in real estate pricing in Northwestern Canada, one of my Internet hobbies is looking at real estate in various North American places, of course always looking for my perfect cabin getaway dream place.
    I have noticed that Alaskan real estate has declined in price (my opinion by previous viewings), possibly people are selling their second homes/camps. I also have judged that to get an inside bath, running drinkable water and septic system in Alaska, you are going to spend 90% of the time $250,000. But same features in Canada/NW will cost you $350-$450,000. Regardless of # of bedrooms.
    Just my observations, I am no realtor or appraiser.

  6. Hey Murray….good luck with selling! If I win the lotto anytime soon, you know I’m coming to buy lol!

  7. Great cabin and spot, especially to those who know what the area has to offer.

    Weird question, but if you’re looking to get rid of that deer rug that hangs on the wall, I’d be more than happy to take it off your hands!