Moving from Brown’s Bay to Nanaimo

Days 30 and 31, May 25th and 26th, weren’t very eventful in a blog way. They were days of short drives and another family visit, but we ended up in Nanaimo for an in-depth look at a bit of the city.

We really had a hard time pulling ourselves away from the Ripple Rock RV Park at Brown’s Bay. While it was the priciest RV park we’ve stayed at, at $52.50 per night with taxes, it was worth every nickel and we will be back.

Ripple Rock RV Park
One last look at the quality of the Ripple Rock RV Park, then just before 11:00 we pulled away. I mentioned that I had heeded some advice to unhook the Tracker and have Cathy drive it in because of the condition of the road, but I felt that had been unnecessary and hooked it up to leave.

Ripple Rock RV Park
As we were packing up to leave, I got a few photos of one more interesting boat. This is the coastal freighter Sea Trader en route to Alaska. As well as the containers, there are 2 good-sized boats on her deck.

Coastal freighter Sea Trader
Passing some construction on Highway 19, which at this point is called the Inland Island Highway. We had avoided it as much as possible on the way north, but having seen the more scenic 19A, we took advantage of time time saving.

BC Highway 19, the Inland Island Highway
That night, after an easy 115-km drive, we camped at my eldest sister Val’s place at Qualicum Bay again. It’s such a comfortable piece of property, and Bella and Tucker love not needing leashes for a day.

RV camping in my sister's yard
It was tough saying goodbye the next day as Val sent to work. We only had 80 km to go to our next RV park, so didn’t hurry to leave.

Murray and one of his sisters
As we left Brown’s Bay, Cathy had reserved a site for 2 nights at the Living Forest Oceanside Campground just south of downtown Nanaimo. Not surprisingly, no oceanview sites were left, but our forest site was really nice. The large property is beautiful, and 300 sites are scattered around it. There are several excellent walking trails. This is the view from the cafe, which hadn’t opened for the season yet.

View from the cafe at Living Forest Oceanside Campground, Nanaimo
A closer look at a couple of freighters that can just barely be seen in the above photo, with a ferry added.

View from the cafe at Living Forest Oceanside Campground, Nanaimo

We started our Nanaimo exploring that evening, but that will be the next post.

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