Meshing the Yukon and Heavy Metal

Even now and then I get involved in a project whose end result thoroughly pleases me. About 2 years ago, I got an email from a fellow in New Jersey who was looking for some caribou images for a CD he and his band were producing. To make a long story short, JJ Koczan and I broadened the subject from caribou to bleak snowscapes and eventually came up with several images that he and their cover designer felt would work.

I received the CD in the mail yesterday, and would like to show you the way the images were used on “the stark arctic“, and to introduce you to maegashira (JJ Koczan is the singer). Not knowing much about independent music, I was very surprised to see that you can buy “the stark arctic” for only 8 bucks – quite a change from the major artist prices! The CD is described by the band as “…six tracks, 60 minutes of doomed aggression, cult stonerisms, peculiar ambience, escapist longing and relentless, brutal groove. It’s not from Brooklyn, it doesn’t sound like Neurosis and its head isn’t up its own ass with pretentiousness.” Yukon road-trip music? Probably not for us old geezers, but I’m going to give it a try today 🙂

Below, driving through the White Pass

Below, Kookatsoon Lake

Below, near Emerald Lake (the image is flipped), and the White Pass.

Below, another section of the White Pass image, and caribou along the Alaska Highway near Summit Lake, BC

Below, sundogs over Tutshi Lake.

Below, the full fold-out of the White Pass image.

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