Memories of Flightseeing Alaska

It’s looking like it might be a very cool and wet summer this year, but there are soooo many things I want to do and see! We’re probably not going on any cruises this year, but there are lots of short trips on the list of options. I’ve been going through some of the thousands of photos I have of great trips and excursions I’ve been on in my back yard, and there are 2 flightseeing trips in particular whose memories still thrill me.

Back when I was guiding tours full time, the free time needed to go flightseeing didn’t come very often, and it almost never came when the weather was good enough to justify spending a few hundred dollars on a flight, but in August 2002 while my group was out on the Tundra Wilderness Tour into Denali National Park, I went out with Denali Air. Click on the photo of Denali (a.k.a. Mt. McKinley) to see the entire photojournal (39 photos) from the hour-long flight.

In 2007, Promech Air brought a couple of Twin Otters up from the Grand Canyon to do Glacier Bay excursions and Cathy and I were on one of their first flights. Click on the photo of the McBride Glacier to see that photojournal (22 photos).

Right now I just want to be on the road going somewhere! What’s on your list of things to do this summer?


Memories of Flightseeing Alaska — 8 Comments

  1. Wish I was in a plane over Denali now..incredible. I also have a new appreciation for Glacier Bay. Enhancing the photos was a major plus for my enjoyment.

    What’s on my list of things to do? 76 days and back to AK.

  2. Hey, I didn’t know that you were coming up this summer! Are you doing a cruise or land tour? I’ll see what I can do to get Mother Nature in a better mood before you get here 🙂

  3. Cruisetour, August 28. Please do what you can to ensure a good 2 week period!

  4. Coral Princess. The match was right to get the time & itinerary for what we wanted. Keep the weather clear!

  5. Cruise to Alaska if I can find a screamingly cheap deal 🙂 Not looking hopeful right now. Need to leave from Vancouver, so choices are limited.

    Other than that, watch our garden not grow, thanks to the weather. More like late autumn/early winter than spring/summer.

  6. There are some great deals right now, CowPrincess. WestJet to YVR and the Diamond Princess northbound on June 25 starts at $399, the Diamond Princess northbound on July 23 starts at $499, and there are a few at $599.

    Round trips to save big on air fare are higher as always – the best rate is on the Celebrity Century on July 17, at $749 or the Zaandam on September 18 at the same price but with a $50 OBC

    Give me a call for specifics – toll-free 1-888-821-3621

    I’ve delayed my bike trip out your way until the weather smartens up, but not holding my breath anymore – it may just be a really poor summer 🙁

  7. Murray, our forecast for tonight/tomorrow calls for “mixed precipitation” — no doubt the forecasters are afraid to say what they really mean — snow 🙁

    You’re smart to wait to see if the weather improves, though I’m certain you’re getting anxious to get moving!