March in the Yukon – it’s all about the Sun

We’re having a wonderful spell of sunshine in Whitehorse right now, and like most Northerners, I’m embracing it. Temperatures at night are still a bit chilly but overall we’re a little above average, day and night, for this period.

The weather forecast for the next week calls for lots more incentive to be outside.

Weather forecast for Whitehorse, Yukon
Most days, a walk with the dogs is the start of my outdoors day. Yesterday, Monty and I went on a much longer walk than Kayla can handle now. There’s a large piece of rolling forest land just up at the end of our road that’s marked “No Trespassing” by the Department of National Defence for their Cadet Camp, but they’re not serious about it – the main trail there is well used year round.

No Trespassing sign
This trail gives both of us more exercise than our normal short route, and there’s lots of visual variety as a bonus.

Winter walking trail in Whitehorse, Yukon
Monty gets quite a ways ahead of me often, but is great about coming back when he’s called. The odds of seeing large wildlife aren’t high, but moose in particular are around, so I carry a leash just in case.

My husky on our winter walking trail in Whitehorse, Yukon
I spent some time yesterday trying to figure out which of my neighbours is up and around, and what they’re up to. Some, like snowshoe hare, squirrels and mice, I was able to figure out, while others remain a mystery. I need to take my book, Tracking and the Art of Seeing, with me next time.

Animal tracks in the snow

Animal tracks in the snow
The only long view along the trail is this old powerline access near the north end of the trail. It looks across the Yukon River valley.

This is a good trail to slow down and look at the small details of life on. Watching for photo opportunities like these really increases my enjoyment of these longer walks, even if it does bore Monty 🙂

Details along a Yukon winter trail

Grass along a Yukon winter trail
I haven’t made any big changes to our property for quite a while, but a couple of trees have been bugging me. One of the lodgepole pine trees is leaning towards the hot tub and would hit it if it fell, and both of them block the early-season sun from my lounging area. This was the view from my lounge chair yesterday morning – the 2 problematic trees are the ones closest to the centre. A wide-angle lens makes it look like all of the trees at both sides are leaning, but they aren’t really.

Pine forest in the Yukon
With one tree down and the leaning tree hooked to a winch to ensure a safe fall, the chainsaw gets fired up again.

Pine forest in the Yukon
A few minutes later, those 2 trees are gone…

Pine forest in the Yukon
…and the sun now hits my lounging area 3 or 4 weeks earlier (the straw between the chairs is for Monty and Kayla). Adding almost another cord of firewood to my stock doesn’t hurt, either.

Sunshine lounging in a Yukon winter


March in the Yukon – it’s all about the Sun — 3 Comments

  1. What beautiful photos you take of what I think is the most beautiful part of our country! I have never been YT but have been longing to see it for years. I will get there. But for now, thank you for blogging about a place that I can only dream of seeing for now.

  2. Murray, you guys have a beautiful place. I would like to think that sometime in my lifetime I could get to that area and drop in for a visit. I told my wife the other day I would like to go to Whitehorse sometimes and rent a place for about a week and just go on a different drive every day. Looks like there would be plenty of things around there to keep us busy. 🙂