Loaded with Firewood – and Bugs

With Fall here now (we had -3°C a couple of mornings ago), I’ve loaded up the firewood room in the basement and the wood furnace is fired up.

But with the firewood in the house we also have new residents that we haven’t seen since May – wood bugs of some sort. There are only a few of them but I’d really like there to be none. If any of you know what they are exactly and how to deal with them, information will be gratefully received! They’re tiny, only about 1/8 of an inch long. The first photo shows one on a piece of lined writing paper – this is what my new Fuji does on the Super Macro setting.


Loaded with Firewood – and Bugs — 6 Comments

  1. My brother owned 5 acres of land on the Seldovia side of Kachemak Bay. Our family had boats and we enjoyed time there with cabins built up by brother, family and friends.

    Absolutely beautiful area, but it was infested by spruce bark beetle in the 90s after several warm summers. So many large trees consequently died, it changed the ecosystem there, back to the tree stands and grasslands that Captain Cook observed in the late 1700s.

    Trees will come back, but over a human lifetime.

  2. Hi Murray
    I don’t think it is a mountain pine beetle the elytra (wing covers) don’t look quite the same. I think you might have powder post beetles or false powder post beetles. I strongly suggest that you send one into one of the department of forestry so one of their entomologists can look at it. I’m an entomologist by training but dealt with agricultural crops not forests.