Land of the Midnight Sunsets

Just as people who have outhouses see more auroras, people who do long-distance driving see more great sunsets. Last night, as I neared the end of my 15-hour Glenora-Whitehorse day, was notable in that regard. The 3 photos below were shot along Teslin Lake at 11:15 pm; along Teslin Lake at 11:22 pm; and as I crossed over the Teslin River Bridge at 11:40 pm. Those of you who live further south may be interested to know that this time of year, the sun rises just a few degrees east of due north, and sets just a few degrees west of due north – basically it rises and sets in the north.

Some Yukoners (including my wife) look at the solstice and see the start of the slide towards winter. I don’t much like winter, either, but I have to enjoy every one of these days without starting my dislike of winter a few months earlier than necessary! :)


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