Back to Kluane Lake for 4 days – part 1

I’d been itching to get back on the road but things kept getting in the way – projects at home, wildfires, lousy weather, and on and on. On Wednesday, July 24th, though, things finally lined up to go one direction at least – west to Kluane Lake and hopefully Beaver Creek again, to re-do the trip that got wrecked by the Snag wildfire 3 weeks ago.

I got my shopping and some of the loading of the motorhome done on Wednesday evening, then finished Thursday morning. Just before 11:00, I locked up the house and set the alarm, and headed towards the Alaska Highway.

Loading my RV for another Alaska Highway trip
Once you leave the Whitehorse city limits, the wilderness arrives quickly. By 11:30, homes were few and far between.

The Alaska Highway just west of Whitehorse, Yukon><br />
At 12:30, as we neared Haines Junction, there was a short delay for a pilot-car-led transit through a section of construction on the highway.<br />
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At 1:25, Kluane Lake was just ahead.

The Alaska Highway with Kluane Lake ahead
At 1:30 we reached the pullout at Km 1642.1 where I planned to spend 4 nights. I was very pleased to see no other RVs there yet. I used to always go to Congdon Creek Campground when we came to Kluane, but we’d often drive back here because it’s a much nicer beach, for the dogs especially. I finally decided to just park here.

Pullout at Km 1642.1 of the Alaska Highway
Well, what the hell! Someone had built a large “Yukon 2019” on the beach in front of the pullout. It was only really clear from an elevation, so I expect it was someone with a drone. They’d gathered up rocks with a truck and then drove it onto the beach to build their graffiti.

Rock graffiti on the beach of Kluane Lake, Yukon
I was soon set up for our stay, and then it was beach time for Bella and Tucker. While we were walking and playing, I found this wonderful feather (the photo is edited to show both sides). I didn’t know what sort of bird it was from, but a couple of Facebook posts when I got home Monday afternoon quickly got responses that it was from a Northern flicker or common flicker (Colaptes auratus).

A feather found on the beach of Kluane Lake, Yukon
Then I needed to clean up the mess that was defacing my beach. The larger rocks got carried to a rock pile down the beach a bit…

Cleaning up rock graffiti on the beach of Kluane Lake, Yukon
…and some smaller rocks got thrown as far into the lake as I coud get them. Soon, the beach again looked the way Mother Nature intended it to look.

Cleaning up rock graffiti on the beach of Kluane Lake, Yukon
We had a lovely calm afternoon, but around 4:00 a wind started down the valley, and it was soon causing a dust storm on the flats. As usual, the wind barely affected our rather protected beach.

Dust storm on the Slims River flats
When I shot the next 2 photos at 7:40, a storm towards the far end of the 81-kilometer-long lake (50 miles) was raising some good surf at our end.

Storm on Kluane Lake, Yukon

Storm surf on Kluane Lake, Yukon

I listened to the calming sound of the waves most of the night, but dawn on Friday was lovely. I shot the next photo at 05:40. It was chilly, though – 7°C – and I turned the furnace on for a few minutes.

A lovely dawn on Kluane Lake, Yukon
Ah, I love motorhome mornings. Silence, beauty, the kids all happy and sleeping close by – and coffee 🙂 I actually wrecked the silence for a few minutes by firing up the generator to brew that big pot – usually I just make it with a percolator on the propane stove.

Coffee for an RV morning
The morning light was wonderful, and around 7:00 I spent a while shooting the infinite patterns and textures around us. In the next photo, Fish Heart Island blends into the slopes of Sheep Mountain, and the Alaska Highway which runs along there is pretty much invisible.

Sheep Mountain, Yukon
The Slims River Bridge can be seen at the bottom of the next photo.

The Slims River Bridge and the peaks of the Kluane Range
Shooting at 400mm, the Soldiers Summit historic site can be seen above the Alaska Highway.

Shooting at 400mm, the Soldiers Summit historic site can be seen above the Alaska Highway
An after-breakfast nap is often on the agenda on RV days 🙂

Bella takes an after-breakfast nap on the RV couch
Back on the beach with the kids after their nap, I got some creative shooting done as well as ball-playing.

Sheep Mountain seen with a Lensball
It’s a Lensball that caught that photo above. I don’t use it a lot, but it is fun sometimes.

Sheep Mountain seen with a Lensball

Then, I had a busy day planned before Cathy’s arrival Friday night – in the next post, I’ll tell you about our walks.


Back to Kluane Lake for 4 days – part 1 — 4 Comments

  1. Love it. Some of my campgrounds are gone, there. Great beauty. Also, when coming North you know Liard is not far off🕺🌷! The rocks wouldn’t have bothered us🤠🙏!

    Paul Maguire
    Palmer, Alaska (20RT’s on AK Highway)

  2. What an adventure. Would love to go on a trip like that. The roads there are great for wheelin’. My brother has a new motorcycle tires, will show this blog to him.