John & Lucy Fulton, Dawson City Pioneers

I recently received some photos and information from a reader, about her pioneer Dawson City family. I love being able to post this sort of information, particularly as over the dozen years or so that I’ve been doing this, these articles have been quite productive in bringing new information to light. Sheilah’s information can be found here.

The photo below shows the family’s home in Dawson City, with Sheilah’s father Fred and aunt Gen in front.


John & Lucy Fulton, Dawson City Pioneers — 1 Comment

  1. Great pic. From what date?

    Btw, I was just reading some Jack London stories, he mentioned Dawson. Hit Google Earth; I’m there! Ended up riding the Dempster Hwy all the way to Fort McPherson — in my mind.

    Looked for some webcams, found you. Clicked thru to your blog, started reading. Very cool. Thanks.