It’s Snowing Hard – Must Be Almost Alaska Cruise Season!

The first cruise ship will be headed north to Alaska in just 15 days – the Disney Wonder leaves Vancouver for her first-ever Alaska sailing on May 3rd. You would never have guessed that by looking outside this morning, though. We awoke to an even whiter world than usual.

The weather forecast had been for a possibility of flurries, so it was quite a surprise to see it just keep falling. The first photo was shot at 7:30. I’m going to take this same shot at 7:30 every morning from now until most of the snow is gone from Golden Horn, the peak that’s visible when it’s sunny, then turn those 60-odd photos into a short “video” showing the season’s advance.

By the time Cathy went to work at 8:15 the snow had almost stopped, with almost 3 inches on the ground.

The decision about which vehicle to take into town was certainly easy 🙂

Despite today’s setback we seem to be ahead of a “normal” Spring (whatever normal” is in this new world of extremes). I’ve got a fair number of miles on the motorcycle already – last Thursday these caribou were on the South Klondike Highway when I was on my way home from Carcross.

There’s enough warmth to the sun that the snow will melt away fairly quickly as long as most of it is shoveled away. There’s even enough warmth to the sun that shovelling snow wearing a t-shirt is reasonable!

My work is done – the parking area and a bike path to the road are clear and Monty and Kayla are happily basking in the sunshine 🙂

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