Yes it snows in the Yukon, but not like this

In the Yukon, we get many months of snow falling, but it’s unusual to get heavy dumps of it, and what we call “heavy” is a joke in many areas. On Monday and Tuesday, though, we got about 38 centimeters (15 inches) of it, and I still haven’t got it cleaned up.

I’m not able to deal with much of the snow anymore. Even handling the snowblowers is beyond me. A couple of weeks ago, I called a neighbour with a Bobcat to take care of the driveway.

Bobcat clearing my driveway
The next day was beautiful and I was able to get some fine-tuning done. I even got the roof of the motorhome cleaned off (I really need to get a carport built for it). I actually had to fire up the motorhome to yank the Tracker out of a snowbank I’d buried it in – whoops! 🙂

Snowy driveway in Whitehorse.
Winter is much nicer to view from this angle.

Winter hot tub in the Yukon
I spend a lot of time in bed and usually give most of the credit for taking care of me to Tucker, but Molly does a wonderful job of it, too. She is so sweet to Cathy and I, though she hates everybody else.

In bed with my cat.
I hired a contractor to finish a bit of drywall and then paint 2 of the 3 largest rooms in the basement, the laundry and the fitness room. Getting the rooms ready – moving furniture, appliances, and equipment, and removing all the stuff from the walls, was a big enough job for me. Yes, I could have gotten them to do it.

Painting contractor
On Sunday, my Facebook post simply said: “14-19 cm tonight and tomorrow – *sigh*”, with this Snowfall Warning weather forecast attached.

Snow warning for Whitehorse
Monday began as a warm, calm morning, with the temperature at -4 and a light snow falling. I created the next image as my morning inspirational – “Think it to be it.”

Think it to be it
At 1:00 on Monday, with heavy snow falling and the roads geting worse by the minute, I drove into town to get some groceries. The next 2 photos show Robert Service Way, which most of us still just call “the South Access.”

Heavy snow on Robert Service Way in Whitehorse, Yukon

Heavy snow on Robert Service Way in Whitehorse, Yukon

Alongside the Yukon River, at the base of the “clay cliffs” – the airport is directly above.

Heavy snow on Robert Service Way in Whitehorse, Yukon
The airport is a great place to shoot when the weather turns bad. My usual parking spots were well covered with that white stuff when I stopped there at 2:30. Even plowing snow like this, the all-wheel-drive in my Caddie has never let me down.

My Cadillac CTS in deep snow.
It takes more than this to stop Air North. The only Air Canada flight on the board, though, was “Delayed.”

Air North getting ready to depart Whitehorse in heavy snow

Air North getting ready to depart Whitehorse in heavy snow

Heading for home on the Alaska Highway just before 3:00.

My painters finished that afternoon. Now I have to put it back together, and start putting the baseboards back on.

Freshly painted fitness room.
Tuesday morning, my car really was a snowplow, not just on my driveway but for a couple of blocks to the main road as well.

Plowed road dead ahead 🙂 – I had an appointment to get some important repairs done on my car or I would have waited a while.

Snowy roads at Whitehorse
It was a lovely morning to be out, though. The last photo was shot at 09:04 as I was nearing home.

Winter dawn on the Alaska Highway

It’s now Saturday morning. I’ve been pecking away at decks and sidewalks, and am still waiting for the Bobcat to return for the driveway clearing.


Yes it snows in the Yukon, but not like this — 6 Comments

  1. Your inspirational picture and text is just that….not only for your recovery, but for your expectation of better weather days, good times out walking in the summer months and more…

    Does that picture link with any past stories that are here on this site…? Just looking at the road or RR cut…what a valley… and you at some considerable distance from your access point to, it would seem.

  2. … and we`ve no more winter with snow (in Germany)!
    Keep working on your health so that we can experience new wonderful pictures and stories for quite a long time.

  3. Quite the dumping you guys got Murray. Iw as surprised it was that much since, as you said, that isn’t the norm. I spent a few years in the Barrie area North of Toronto and that sort of dumping wasn’t uncommon. Until Georgian Bay froze over, it would snow every day and often by mid winter the banks on one side of the road would be as high as the telephone poles on the highway out of town because of the drifting snow. I can appreciate the situation you guys are in because I know how not fun it can be lol

    But glad to see that you have been able to still get out and about safely!